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If you are in a band looking for original song LYRICS .  Read Some of my poetry here

Legal Notice:
  • To use these lyrics in a song you must contact me before any public release in order to protect your rights and mine. This means you can not perform the song , live or recorded, in front of an audience prior to getting the song registered.
  • All lyrics are written by me and owned by me. If you use them in a song or print them in an Album I retain all my rights to the lyrics.
  • Use of any lyrics requires that each song be registered with BMI either through me or your writer's organization. Each song must have 50% of the song writer's credit registered to me as "Lyrics by Manuel Rosa/BMI". (this is the standard percentage for the contribution of lyrics).
  • Use of any lyrics does not mean that I give up my Copyrights or Publishing rights for the lyrics to any one. I retain all rights to my Lyrics. Including the right to Publish and use with other music, unless we agree in advance to something else in writing.
     - Special arrangements can be made in advance for lyrics used in other circumstances.

If you like one of these songs and need to have the lyrics touched up, for instance if you are a girl and need the song to be rewritten to make sense from a girls point of view, I can do that for you just e-mail me.

FYI: chorus is always in CAPITAL letters. The CHORUS is repeated as needed usually after every 2 verses.



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