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OK!  here's my Photo Gallery. 
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A long Day at the Music Studio with Jack
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the Radio PR guy
MR-CR21.gif (66522 bytes)
with Cris Raposo WJFD

the Entrepreneur
GlenandI.gif (36504 bytes)

with Glen Mores VP-Microdata Group

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mrosa-saga01.jpg (24130 bytes)
With singer Graciano Saga (left) and DJ Gil DeJesus (right)mmmr.gif (73776 bytes)
With Singer Mauricio Morais

nelia-mrosa03.jpg (21763 bytes)
with Singer Nelia

blake-mr.jpg (31195 bytes)
with singer Blake Addison

counsul.gif (64613 bytes)
With the Portuguese Consulate 

mrsuzy.gif (54042 bytes)
with singer Suzy

psmr.gif (84821 bytes)
with singer Paul Sardi

Dad, Mom,Granny, & uncle Joe on the island in 1989
(the last time I saw granny alive, she died just a few months later)

pico.gif (39105 bytes)
Windmill behind Granny's house on the Island where I was born.

DinisPaiva-mr.gif (27135 bytes)
with singer Dinis Paiva

mr-sao-pn.jpg (20901 bytes)
With Artist 
Paulo Nuno

alisson-mr.gif (38521 bytes)
With Nashville musician Singer Allison Kerr

pscrew_mr.gif (75216 bytes)
Paul Sardi and crew

mrbackbmw.jpg (15755 bytes)
the Traveler
mr2.gif (29586 bytes)
the Homebody
& collected
contruction.gif (46266 bytes)
the Handyman-ny

My Original Poetry Here
Sponsored By syhologo.gif (2164 bytes)