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of my April 2000 China trip
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Everyone has a past but 
not everyone has a future! _Manuel
Life's too short to be narrow! (minded) _Manuel

Read Some of My Original Poetry Here

My little red sports car April 2002

Maxxx and Me

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the Gentleman Drummer '95

Dallas, Texas Jan, 2000

Hong Kong, June 2000

he Many Faces of Me
Hello I am Manuel,  thank you for visiting. 
Please find out more about me and read some of my published poetry by clicking the links at the top of the page. 

European born (Azores, Portugal) living in USA since 1973.  I am fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and am now relearning French.
I am a professional employed in the High Tech field as well as International imports.

a toast in July 2001

'99 Dartmouth, MA With RTPi-TV Anchorman from Portugal Julio Isidrio

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the Poet '98  

The Music Producer

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the Rocker '93

the Romantic '98

Macau, April 2000

Golf in Shanghai, China - April 2000

Friendship,  Caring, Talking,  Listening, Honesty, Wines,  Flowers, Baths, Candles,   Sunsets, Walks,  Cuddling, Kissing,  Loving, Laughing


Drugs, Smoking, Lying, Swearing,   Bitching,   Cheating, Begging, Beating and Boozing

My Original POETRY  pages!

Me at 13

Happiness is something you share with someone, NOT something you find in someone! _Manuel

Having fun !!!

me as a vampire at

Playing the Sheriff

It's hard walking on the wild side when you're on your knees! _Manuel

Be yourself like no one else can! _Manuel

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