Bettencourt family reunion at the Portuguese Club
in Hudson Mass,  Nov. 24th 2006.
A night of awesome music from "funky folk"
Portuguese traditional
to modern day Rock and Roll.
Tony Silveira
Frontman Tony Silveira, the band "YNOT",  and Luis Bettencourt the "mad guitarist"
put on an excelent show.

Nuno Rocking
A real jam session.
Luis ettencourt e Cantinho da Terceira
Luis Bettencourt with his Cantinho da Terceira group.
Nuno and Gary
Nuno jams on base guitar with Gary Cherone one of the surprise guest.
Nuno Gets the Green Light   Nuno Rocks and Sings
  Just Nuno. Still rock-n-roll cute, still serious rocker.
Nuno and Columbus Historian Manuel Rosa
During the night Nuno was presented with a
copy of O Mistério Colombo Revelado "Christopher Columbus"
a newly published book by historian Manuel Rosa that explains
the falsehoods of the history of Christopher Columbus.

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